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Wellness Retreats

Illona has been hosting wellness retreats since 2017, merging themes like yoga, nature immersion, sound healing, creativity, meditation, breath work, cold immersion, emotional healing, energy work.As a mean to discover, empower and regenerate ourselves. 

Each retreat has it's own mini theme allowing you to select which resonates best for you, and in order to make it available to all you have the choice between luxurious retreats (         ) and more simply retreats, in both case we come together to work our light. 

5 Days Acro yoga & Personal Cultivation Retreat  - 30.08 - 3.09 2023


Are you called by the idea of deepening your self awareness through practices of Yoga, Acro Yoga and personal cultivation activities?

All of that by the beach, savoring delicious Italian cuisine and meeting people from all over that you’ll then be able to call friends ?

Then this is for you.

Filippo and Illo will embrace you with fun and growth workshops throughout your 5 days retreat.


The aim: strengthening your body and your ability to stand up for yourself in what you know is right for you.

Acro Yoga is a practice that brings much more than cool shapes, but it enables us to strengthen the trust we have for what we are able to do and who we are.

Learn more about the Acro Yoga retreat and/or sign up for the retreat 

"When was the last time you had fun like a child? Our practice will be joyful, funny and playful! Make your inner child rise up again with no worry for self judgement or the opinion of the others."

Retreat to Inner Bliss - September 27th to October 1st

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 13.05.45.png

Recharge, Restore, and Reconnect: 
Delving into Nature and Yoga for a Journey of Self-Discovery and Inner Peace

Join us on a path of self-discovery and embark on a soul-nourishing journey at our unique PlayPauseBe Yoga retreat. This is your invitation to escape the chaos of the outside world and surrender to the serenity that awaits you.

Embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery through the practice of Yoga together with the PlayPauseBe team.

In a world that demands constant productivity and endless energy, it’s crucial to recharge, surrender, and release what no longer serves us. 

Just as flowers don’t bloom all year round, we too must honor the natural rhythms of growth and rest. This retreat is your opportunity to surrender to the transformative power of self-care, allowing you to replenish and realign with your true essence.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a soft and gentle sanctuary where every aspect of your being is nurtured. Our experienced Yoga instructors will guide you to create personalized sequences tailored to your needs, empowering you to delve deeper into your self-made practice. 

With our guidance and insights, you’ll gain invaluable insights to carry with you long after the retreat ends.

Register and more information 

Doux cocoon 4.0 - Yoga, Immersion sonore et detox numérique


Bienvenue à la quatrième édition de la retraite Doux Cocon, où nous nous réunissons à nouveau pour embarquer dans un voyage de découverte de soi et d'exploration intérieure. Cette retraite occupe une place spéciale dans nos cœurs car elle est devenue une tradition chérie, offrant un espace sûr et stimulant pour la croissance et la transformation personnelles.

Pour cette édition, nous souhaitons aller plus loin et supprimer l'utilisation des téléphones tout au long de la retraite, une detox numérique.

En entrant dans la saison d'automne la nature nous guide avec grâce vers l'intérieur. Laissant derrière vous le familier, des animateurs expérimentées vous guideront doucement à travers une série de pratiques. Grâce à des ateliers d'introspection, des méditations conscientes et des rituels nourrissants, vous apprendrez à écouter vos chuchotements et à naviguer dans vos profondeurs.
La retraite Doux Cocon n'est pas simplement une évasion du monde extérieur; c'est une occasion de renouer avec nous-mêmes et de créer de l'espace dans nos vies. Au milieu de paysages naturels à couper le souffle, nous trouvons réconfort et inspiration, permettant à nos esprits de s'épanouir et à nos cœurs de s'ouvrir.

Plus d'information :

100Hrs Yoga Teacher Training  18 - 27th October 2023

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 12.55.35.png

The place you can experience sustainable and positive change is already within you.

Discover it through this in-depth and complex Teacher Training. We seek passionate people who want to enrich their yoga practice to very deep level.

The aim of the course is to provide with complex knowledge and experience of practise of yoga either for own self-development or for future teachings of yoga (after certification). The Training will create space for new healthy habits and redesign your daily life for greater well-being.

Training is about intense immersion mainly into:

  • Asana, pranayama and meditation, 

  • Yoga history and philosophy, 

  • Yoga anatomy and physiology,& biomechanics

  • Teaching methodology and professional essentials & leadership

  • Ayurveda and Non-dual Tantra.

We decided to break down the 200Hrs into two modules of 100Hrs of teaching, the first part of the training linked to anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and alignements will be a more structural approach and in depth related to yoga as a practice itself. Held in Floripa in May.
The second part, the 100hrs of October will be lead by Eva, Monica and myself, with the focus on ''Being'' a Yoga Teacher, or simply being into Yoga (Union) and diving into the different aspect that enriches one's practice. Cues and alignements, philosophy and history, creative sequencing, the art of teaching, Ayurveda and leadership will be what will be meet during those 10 days together. Open for anyone who wishes to deepen their practice or their teaching. 

You do not need to do both trainings in order to participate, in all cases there is no prerequisite other than already being a yoga practitioner and you will get a 100Hrs of qualification recognised by Yoga Alliance at the end of your module, that you could then combine with another 100Hrs (from the floripa yoga academy or else) when you wish to complete the 200Hrs required to teach. 

Find more about the YTT training 

RECONNECT RETREAT 11 - 18 November 2023

Mauritius island is not only where I am from, but it's literally a paradise on earth (awarded « Leading Adventure & Sustainable Tourism” paradise). As many of you know, I spend some time each year on this precious rock, to resource, replenish and come back to myself fully in an undisturbed nature setting.

And this year November 11th to 18th 2023, I am taking you back with me! 


I'll take you to my favorite spot of the island, immerse ourselves into the abundant nature through water and land activities.

We'll also practice daily yoga at Om shanti, the yoga studio of my parents. 

Taste the different food and dive into the multicultural aspect of the island.

This special retreat, is catered for people who seek to get out of their comfort zone, to challenge ourselves for 8 days of retreat including advanced hike, wild dolphin swims and mental break-thoughts through spiritual practices and rituals. (and I do recommend you to spend some time before or after in Mauritius, taking in account our carbon footprint) 


I am at your entire disposal for more information concerning the retreat and helping you organise if this is something you're jumping aboard. 

Like you know, I work on a first come first serve basis and if you've been to my retreats you get a 10% off the tuition fees as a gesture of thank you for being here.


I am genuinely excited for the group that we'll create and I look forward to your answers and interests.

Download the information about the Reconnect Retreat  

Other Retreat Information and sign up will open soon

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