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The Yearly Gratitude Challenge

What is it & Why we do it?

Next date November 2023

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling that emanates from the heart - it's a feeling of expansion and possibilities. 
When we feel happy, thankful and we have some warmth sensation building up in the chest. This is gratitude. 

''By practicing gratitude in your waking day, you're in a state to receive you are in an energy that is drawing something to you on a moment to moment basis'' Joe Dispenza

Some benefits 

How does it work?

We come together on a WhatsApp group to practice Gratitude together, and benefit from the energy of the group that is inspiring and pulling us towards achieving our goals.

Strengthening the immune system 

Up-regulates your genes 

Increase of dopamine and serotonin

Expansion of Joy 

Implements growth mindset

Improves self-esteem and therefore whole energetic field.

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