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Take your practice further!

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

You can join one of my training '' Teacher Embodied'' that consist of a 4 days YACEP certified training that will explore teaching and leadership skills. 

Or we could work on a 101 basis, which has a similar principle that a private guidance but will be focused on what areas you'd like to improve in your teaching, this can be linked to cueing, to set the space, gather for the room and feel what is needed or simply look at your alignements and doubts.


1o1 Private Guidance

I enjoy to work with people that realise that they are themselves the creators of their lives. We come together to empower you. 
My approach relies of the different tools that i've gathered throughout the years, we seek to balance both sides of the body and open spaces that are locked. 
I enjoy diving into the emotional body, the energetically body and the spiritual body on top of looking at your anatomy and physiology.

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