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Reconnect Retreat
Living freely and happily

From the 25th October - 2nd of November

This island is my mother’s birthplace and my precious heart destination. Having extensively traveled, I believe there is not a lot of places around the world where we experience a multitude of cultures, where people from different ethnicity with different beliefs live and share a small habitat, allowing each and everyone to stand in their uniqueness and enabling Unity to bring us together.

Memories of Reconnect 2023

 This retreat is conceived to give you a feel of what I get from being in there. It's packed with different hikes leading us to amazing viewpoints and sacred places, with spiritual practices aiming to serve our spirit, with spiced culinary discovery, and with a lot of time to be and expand into self-care and self-discovery.

When in Mauritius, I truly feel like Mother Nature is embracing me in her arms and allowing me to surrender to her flow of being and therefore recharge, reconnect, and live fully.

This is for you if

  • You are a busy professional looking to enhance your well-being through a blend of yoga, cultural immersion, and adventurous experiences

  • You desire relaxation, aiming to escape stress and discover serenity amidst tranquil surroundings and activities

  • You are keen to get out of your comfort zone

  • You are adventurous

  • You've never been to Mauritius island and we looking to explore the place through the eyes of a local 

  • You want to get a taste of paradise

  • You enjoy hot weather and humid temperatures! 

Your hosts: 


​Illo has been hosting retreat all over Europe for the past 4 years and have recently opened her offerings wider proposing retreats in Africa.
She leads a gentle hatha vinyasa focused on anatomical alignements and breathe awareness. Her passions lies in reminding others of their strength and capacities. Knowing that the wheel turns and that no flowers bloom all year long. 
Her intention for this retreat is to create the space needed to integrate the remaining of the winter months and prepare ourselves to expand for the summer months ahead. Keeping in mind the balance and the respect of one's capacity. 
Illo has qualifications in Yoga, Positive Psychology, Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ongoing)



Patricia and Illona are mother and daughter, both are Yoga Teachers and thrive through creating spaces for people to unfold into themselves. Through practices, reflections and personal development work.


Mauritian born, Patricia left Switzerland with her family in 2012  to settle in Mauritius again. Patricia became a yoga teacher in May 2017 at the age of 50 from the School of Sacred Art in Bali. Since then, she facilitate daily sessions in her owns Yoga Studio in Mauritius, aimed perfectly to get the sunset while practicing. Fully passionate, she continued her education in Yin and Therapeutic yoga in Bali and attended several courses in Europe.


What people say : 


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