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About me

Currently removing identifications

of Self. I am...

I love (you)

... a free spirit with a passion for the natural flow of life. 

My vocation is to spread love, joy and happiness, with the people through classes, workshops, retreat or coaching. My goal is to embody unconditional love and radiate this energy towards other individuals.

As a yoga teacher, I accompanie people through their personal journeys and teaches them to channel both physical and mental strength. While doing so, I encourage pupils to explore their own self through the practice. It is always a mirror. The tendencies we have to run away in our daily life is shown in your ability to keep your focus and attention on the mat. 

Illona has been a certified teacher since October 2016 and has been teaching yoga since December 2016, but additionally has qualifications in Positive Psychology and Integrative Nutrition allowing a fuller spectrum of tools toward self empowerment in all scopes of life.

"I would love to support you in your process of uncovering yourself and potential! If this is something you're called to do please get in touch with me". 

Yoga | Nutrition 

 Mind game


Illona works with people that realise that they  are themselves the creators of their lives. We come together to empower you

We look at your physical limitations and blocages - through the practice of yoga that gives us insights on the emotional blocages that may interfere with your growth as well as diving into your nutrition. 

When we speak nutrition we are not only looking at what you put on your plate only- but mainly focusing on all the other areas, work, home, self care (...) that impact your light, that impact the ability you have to show up and how you show up. 

We'll work together to create movements, thought patterns and habits that are support of your health and in support of your calling. 

Just feel like moving?

I've created some online content for you!

You can flow with me from the comfort of your home!
If you've been to my class you're aware that I'd rather we spend 2h on the same pose to get the correct alignment in your body - than just flowing without the proper 
engagement and focus. 
Please take your time with your online practices - respect your body and listen to your breath

"Au top comme toujours"

Soizic, CH

"Great and vigorous"

Vera, Ch

"Encore une belle pratique. J'ai adoré et mon centre du corps aussi" 

Valerie, Ch


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