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Yoga | Nutrition | Mind game


Illona works with people that realise that they  are themselves the creators of their lives. We come together to empower you

We look at your physical limitations and blocages - through the practice of yoga that gives us insights on the emotional blocages that may interfere with your growth as well as diving into your nutrition. 

When we speak nutrition we are not only looking at what you put on your plate only- but mainly focusing on all the other areas, work, home, self care (...) that impact your light, that impact the ability you have to show up and how you show up. 

We'll work together to create movements, thought patterns and habits that are support of your health and in support of your calling. 
Operating in Valais, Switzerland.

Integratrive Nutrition is about looking at the global aspect of Nutrition. 
The energetic of our life is reflected back onto our physicality – if we were to look only at the food aspect of nutrition would be missing the most important piece.
Of course it is important to pay attention to what you eat and most importantly how you eat. 

But ultimately your feeling of being nourished comes from your core values being respected.

Respected at work – having a meaningful job that fulfills your desire of being acknowledged in your capacity. Learning everyday about something that is inspiring to you and brings growth to your knowledge.

Respected at home – having a home environment that reflects what you want to attract in your life, a household that respect your space within the family.

Respected in your relationships close circles and bigger circles. 

Simply, you being respectful toward yourself ; looking after your body, doing physical exercises, practicing some sort of faith (religious or spiritual) as well as making the money to support yourself.  Theses are aspects that we look at when we talk integrative nutrition – it’s a holistic approach to what nutrition is. 

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