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Yoga teacher hosting wellbeing and wellness centered retreat

Hi team

Welcome to my space. 
My name is Illona and my passions are to understand why we do what we do, and how we do it while having fun and enjoying being alive!

I choose to show up as a practitioner of wellbeing to spread love, peace and harmony, so we can all move toward something that is in better alignement with ourselves. I truly believe that each of us have unique gifts to offer and mine has been in reminding people how valuable and powerful they are.

I enjoy the setting of retreats in beautiful location to remind ourselves of beauty and to have time to implement thriving mechanisms 

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My Story

I choose to embark on a Yoga Teacher Training because I refused to let myself fall under the  pressure of society to identify with a title when I hadn't spent enough time understanding and being with myself. So in 2016 I took a plane to Bali, Ubud and started a 200h of yoga teacher training (Little did I know this would show me infinite potentials) which really were 350h of powerful emotional and physical work that empowered me with shadow work, discovering my limits and embracing myself. I came out of this training a new person and my direction was set.  I choose to study Holistic Nutrition and Yoga to deepen my awareness of self and respect my body more. 

In 2017, I moved to Melbourne Australia to get a diploma of Positive Psychology while traveling throughout SouthEast Asia in the meantime to discover new cultures, empower myself through the highest form of School : LIFE. I choose to continue my study in Nutrition with the renown school of Integrative Nutrition from New York, while still traveling this time through Oceania. I continued my journey and ended up in Switzerland teaching and coaching for about 3 years. Living a ''Normal Life''.

I continued my education with different trainings, such as Energy Healing, a lot of personal development, self help books and practices to be where I am now. But I have come so far and achieved so much but the best part of all is that this is only the beginning. I will never stop growing for my evolution is eternal and I am forever becoming.  Becca Lee a quote that inspired me. 

It was a beautiful time but the adventurous part of me wasn't ready to settle. I packed my bag ready to hit the road, since then I am moving from places to places, running holistic retreats, teaching physical and online classes as well as developing trainings in leadership. I adore this life. 

I love learning I love sharing my findings and more than anything I love to experience. I have embarked on a new journey with AOM school to gain new knowledge and serve better through Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrate these old healing mechanisms and means of 'measuring' health in order to empower the people I work with.


I usually am in between Europe and Mauritius Island, so who knows, maybe we cross path!

Join my WhatsApp group where I keep you in the loop!

For the curious ones, you can find me during some summer months at Floripa and online through PlayPauseBe's trainings.

Look into my offerings if you want mentorship on practices. 


I'm always looking for new opportunities.
Let's connect!

+41798540412 - Whatsapp

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