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Strawberry Sheesecake | Raw & VG

Prep time: 90 mins Cooking time: 0 Serves 6-8

Ingredient: 500g of Strawberries 150g of Cashew 250g of almond 60g of dates (13 Medjool) 4 t. s. of flaxseed – optional 5 t. s. of agave syrup 2 t. s. of coconut oil 5 t.s. of nutritional yeast 20cl of coconut cream

Did you know? Nutritional yeast is added to create the cheesy flavors in vegan ”sheese” dish.

Step 1 Soak your cashews into hot water for 1h Blend all almond, dates, flaxseed coconut oil together – wait until it creates a big dough (if too dry add more coconut oil and dates). Transfer the dough into a cake mold. Use your washed hands to press down into the dough creating the shape of your mold with it – to create a base.  Set aside in the fridge.

Step 2 Chope the amount of ‘decorating’ strawberries that you want and set aside for later. Once the cashew soaked – make sure they’re super soft (if not add some warm water and let it soften a bit more) – if so, transfer the remaining strawberries, cashews, coconut cream, nutritional yeast, and agave syrup into your blender. Mix it all together until you get a beautiful pink smooth cream.

Step 3 Take back your mold and pour the newly created cream on top – set aside in the fridge for 5mins before creating your design with the remaining strawberries on top! YUM.

Tip: Do not serve too cold – if you choose to put it in the freezer to accelerate the hardening process wait for it to ‘heat’ up a little so you can get some flavors in for you dessert! You’ll thanks me later.

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