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Spaghetti Squash w/ vegan me*tballs | VG & GF

For the ones craving the pasta dish –  the healthy way.  Gluten-free + cruelty-free What do I mean ‘Healthy’? Gluten-free – gluten isn’t a bad protein but it does become heavy on some people’s digestion. I’ve made the experiment in my own body – tolerant to gluten – i’ve stoped using gluten in my diet for a bit to notice that it makes me tired when I consume it – almost to the point where napping is needed. If you’re a case like me this is not something you’d love to have for lunch at work But this option IS YOUR FIX! 

Prep time: 60 mins Cooking time: 45m Serves 4

Ingredient: 2 whole spaghetti squash 7 big fresh tomatoes 1 cup of quinoa (cooked) 1 cup of black beans (cooked) 100 g of spinach 15g of oats 4 garlic cloves (sliced) 2 t.s. of sesame oil (toasted or virgin) 4 t.s of olive oil 1 cup fresh basil 1 big onion (chopped) 1 t. s. of agave syrup (optional) Salt, Pepper, and Oregano as per liking

Step 1  Turn the oven on at 150C cooking mode. Open the squash in two – slice on the long side and put them in the oven inside facing up. Let that do it’s magic alone, we move to your sauce.

Step 2 In a pot add some cold water – and the tomatoes put on the heat, let it sit for about 10-15mins when you notice the tomatoes breaking open.  When this happens, take them out of the water and transfer them into another cold water bowl when you can peel off the skin easily. In the meantime add half of the garlic and onion into a pan with the olive oil. Add the tomatoes to the pan and cover, let it sit for 20mins on low heat.

Step 3 Add cooked quinoa, beans, spinach, oats, sesame oil, salt, pepper, and oregano into a blender – blend until it forms a smooth texture. Make little balls with the mixture and prepare onto an oven tray.

Step 4 Check your squash with a fork (you want it to be soft but not to soft where you have water forming inside the squash. Add the tray of balls into the oven for about 7mins -until golden – check frequently. Add the fresh basil chopped (keep a handful for topping when serving) and the syrup as well as salt and pepper as liking to the tomato sauce, do try :’).

Step 5 Serve by using a fork to take out your spaghetti squash, add the tomato sauce, veggie balls and top with fresh basil to finish Hope you enjoy this belly-warming recipe – easy on digestion as rich in fiber!

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