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Savouring stuffed ''croissant'' | VG

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It's very rare for me to cook and create pastries - not such a big fan of all the white flour used for this principle - but yeahhh from time to time I enjoy a good pastry and honestly since I've decided to move away from animal flesh in my food - i've been missing this little sausages croissant that my bestfriend's mum used to make when we were kids. Today, never could I eat them knowing there's meat in it - but the great thing about sharing on veganism and being public about it is that it get things moving! You influence and next thing you know we now have vegan sausage? What?

So yup, sometimes it's kool to eat pastries! :D Also this one is a fun activity in the kitchen, for children too, so if this is your case i'd recommend you include them into the preparation!

Prep time: 1h10 Cook time: 25-45mins Serves 4-6

Ingredients: 1 pate feuilleté vegane 1 Vegan sausage (I used the white one) 1 Broccoli head 2 Carrots (normal size) or 3-4 smalls *Optional to add a handful of green peas 1 pinch of salt and pepper 1 pinch of ground coriander

Step 1 Chop your veggies into small squares (if you can almost identical) - broccoli, carrots and sausage - add a bit of oil on your pan and cook them for approx 11mins (not too cooked but soft enough to chew on it). Add a pinch of salt, pepper and corriander. Set aside

Step 2 Start the oven on 250C on hot air mode - chop your pastries into triangles (press your thumbs together and 2nd finger together - to get an idea of the size you want your triangles to be). Add the filling on the long side of the triangle and roll them into croissants. (ise the example underneath if needed - no nutella this crap ain't good for you but just observe her rolling skills :)

Step 3 Put your croissant in the oven - not direclty on tray so it can stick, but on a baking sheet that goes in the oven ;) watch your pastries and appetite grow!!

Enjoy this with salsa, white vegan cream or simply like they are, still hot from the oven :)

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With love,


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