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Peace Of Mind Festival - P.O.M

In December 2018, while sitting in my meditation seat I had a very vivid visualisation! It was not the first time I got in contact with ''my guides'' yet this one was different they were showing me something to do ! What did they show me? P.O.M Peace Of Mind Festival happened on the 14-15th of December 2019! You can imagine that the creation of this festival was pretty smooth created and supported by the Spirits - they told me we (and i use the word we on purpose as this is a collaboration from the heart of many many people allowing this festival to take place) needed to bring the burning flames (light workers) around the island together in order to create a massive fire and transform! There is no transformation without a tapas! The Fire! So that's what we did :)

The Dream

We gathered, 180 of us, during two days under the umbrella of Le Morne's Mountain at The Green Village to express our heart most want desires such as CONNECTION, LOVE, MOVEMENT, GRATITUDE, HUGS, SONG, DANCE, MUSIC, YOGA, BREATHE-WORK, MEDITATION, LOVE FOR CLEAN FOOD! During these two amazing days we had 33 workshops and 3 ceremonies that brought all the festival together. In my experience:

Other the fact that it was a way bigger job that I originally gave credit and time for - this festival was an experience I had never felt before - I over came myself. Meaning I gave more than I knew I could ! What helped me to keep the energy high throughout the months prior to the festival and most importantly during the festival was the L.O.V.E energy that was surrounding this place - people came with an open heart - receiving a heart bracelet as their entrance ticket (made with love by kids from the surrounding village) and we were just bathed in pure love - strangers were able to connect to other strangers to a degree of connection they didn't even know existed. The seed that was planted in the heart of the participant is not something I ever could dreamed of - yet it happened - it wasn't me - it was all of us and most importantly we were working with Spirit. I am deeply grateful for all the people, the companies, the start-ups, and government agencies that helped me creating this festival - for believing in my vision, believing in the power of love, in the power of community in the power of kindness and equality for all. I am deeply grateful to have connected to so many amazing people as well as having created an opportunity to deepen our knowledge on so many different fields : Yoga, Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Ecology, Wellness and Energy.

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Take you for reading, I hope we'll get the chance to connect at future P.O.M's event! love and light, Illo

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