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My top 5 newsletters

Hello there friends!


Yep because your emails don’t have to be all serious and filled with bills. But can be another place where learning and knowledge come to you every month!

Think about what going through your email means to you – is it boring? energy draining? more work? exciting? surprising? interesting? Ok- so we’re not going to lie we all know emails is where the ”serious” things happen – so my question is what do you choose to put in this serious little online platform?

For me, the moment I choose to sign up to websites that resonated with me it is when it became interesting for me to go through my emails – also what I like is that we’re balancing the type of information we’re taking in when we do this work.

Ok, so let’s get started with the real things.

IF you are like me passionate about health, wellness, natural remedies, the power of intentions, positive psychology, yoga, ecology and mama earth these ones are for you:

  1. Ocean Robbins – The food revolution Network Renowned speaker, workshop facilitator, and author Ocean Robbins is founder and CEO of the Food Revolution Network. What I love about Ocean Robbins – he is raw, he is true, he is knowledgeable and more importantly he’s on time! Addressing the questions that are rising. He keeps us updated with what is trending in the food industry. What I love the most is that he brings up theories that are being discussed and elaborates a lot on it, addressing all part of the spectrum allowing YOU to have your own take based on what he explained. You always finish reading his posts a little more clever than you were! Which is why they are here for right? He talks about Food but not only food but all that is related to it – proteins, ecology and much more! Try him out!! “Everybody has unique contributions to make to this planet. There are more than 7 billion parts to play in the transformation of our world, each a unique path, coming out of our histories, our struggles and devastations, and our dreams for the future. Whatever love, nurturance, opportunities and privileges have been given to us, they’re ours now. In this precious, wild and crazy thing we call our lives, what choices will we make? What will be our impact upon this planet and upon those with whom we share it?”— Ocean Robbins

  2. Om Swami  I had the chance to meet this Monk in India in December 2015. I was still very young in my head (still am now though ) but seeing him, attending his youth meeting helped me to believe and shape how the years that followed would unfold. I still live by one of his principle ”Work hard now and enjoy later”. Om Swami built his life and himself up to having a very materialistic rich life. He had everything he wanted but knew that it wasn’t his soul purpose. He gave up everything to go back to his home: India in search for the divine connection with Holy Mother. He renonce the world and became a monk. “In the Himalayas, in terrifying silence and solitude, Om Swami practised intense meditation. Death was always close as he confronted starvation, the fierce elements and wild animals. Finally, his sadhana brought him to the ultimate realisation” Please read his book for more. But more than that Om Swami is a compassionate being that sees the light in you and sees you through this light! He’s not a fool I believe he see you in your whole with your pleasant side and unpleasant sides, but I feel like he consciously chooses to focus on the bright side of you. Allowing you to recognise and live from this place of light. I adore this person and how he chooses to gift his time and love to the world.Here is what he says about himself: “My achievement is not what I have, My introduction is not what I do, It is but who I am. A nobody. I sing I laugh I dance I clap, A speck of dust in the infinite creation, A vast ocean in the tiny dew drop, A Himalayan stream, The still mountain, I am That. So are you. Compassion is my religion and love, my only philosophy.” His Newsletter is amazing because he shares with us topics such as compassion, wellness, relationships… topics that should have been explained more at school and topics that we should reflect on. He accompanies his teachings with great meaningful stories. If you’re looking to add more spiritual learnings in your life – this is your newsletter!

  3. I love Chakra Because why not start every Monday with a quote of positivity and hope! I love Chakra is a Aussie based Jewellery shop. But more than that the founder is passionate about the Chakra system inside the body and how to activate and heal them by using crystals. So every Monday you will not only receive an empowering  mantra for your week but also teachings and learning on what chakra are and learn on a specific crystal and how you can use it – what does it resonate with. If you are into crystals you should for sure check this newsletter out to find out more how you can use them at your own benefits and still respect their divine power. If you’re not – their newsletter is still an amazing way to start your week – no need to read the whole newsletter! Thank you I LOVE CHAKRA!

  4. Andrea Beaman Andrea Beaman is a Holistic Health coach, Chef and an educator on healing wisdom through food! I came across Andrea’s website because I had her as one of my guest teacher in the IIN program I did. She is sparkling with joy, fun and enthusiasm! She make you want to LEARN! She’s also full of knowledge and has herself been using food as a way to heal her thyroid sickness. In her newsletter you will receive thought-through recipes aligned with the season. (So it would work for you if you are in the same season than the U.S) As well as insights on how to heal yourself with simple foods that are around us!  Life IS Delicious!

  5. National Geographics So I’m pretty sure most of you know what National Geographics is – What I love with their newsletter is that when you subscribe (and by the way you have to search it on their website, because they don’t automatically propose it to you, like a majority of websites) you can choose what you would like to learn about – if it’s photography, traveling, animals even videos. Depending on what you tick you will receive what you want! It’s a good way to reconnect with the beauty of nature and to simply have amazing shots in your mailbox!

Tips for a newsletter – if you see that one doesn’t work with you drop it instantly – it might come back to you later on if it was destined but it might not. The thing is the more we wait the more of them we get and suddenly we’re caught up with the overwhelming emotions of ”there’s too much” ”I can’t handle” ”Fuck this” and then most of us become lazy about the growth opportunity that emails are! So yeah maybe stick to one or two at first and see how you go!

PS: If you have some of yours that you know will resonate with me! Pop a comment Love & Light,


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