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Mash Potato Mushroom ‘Boat’ | Vg & GF

Potatoes boat w/ raw salad of spinach, corn and red cabbage

Miam. This dish felt very good in my tummy.

Warning: This dish takes a lot of time and you will get your hand covered with food – but the result is very satisfying.

I choose to accompany this meal with a little veggie salad – Spinach, Red Cabbage & Corn yum. As potatoes are starchy vegetables – so it is not as vibrant as colorful veggies – which is why raw veggies is a good idea for a side. This is a recipe that flourished out of my imagination by simply trusting my ability to put good food together creating a good meal – I really encourage you to trust you. The more you cook with your heart the better the food tastes!

Ok on your marks – GO What you need for the potatoes boat: serves 4

  • 10 organic tomatoes

  • 6 big organic potatoes

  • 300 g of Mushrooms of your choice ( I personally used a mix)

  • Cooking Oil (I use Olive Oil)

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Ground Coriander

  • Thyme

  • Tumeric

  • 2 cloves of garlic

Step 1

Put your tomatoes in a big deep pan in cold water – add a pinch of salt, cover it and cook them. In the meantime do the same thing with the potatoes in a different pan – and again your water must be cold

Step 2 Have a little pan where you heat your cooking oil, add ground coriander (just a little), thyme (quantity depends on your liking), and a pinch of turmeric – when the oil has mixed all the spices together (you will be able to smell them – and the color will merge) add your mushrooms. Cook them 5-10mins depending of which mushrooms you choose and remove from the fire. Let it cool aside we’ll use those later.

Step 3 Coming back to our tomatoes – you will see that the skin starts to break. When you notice this please keep an eye on your tomatoes, we don’t want them to break too much… but just enough that the skin removes itself easily. Ok so you guessed the next step: removing the tomatoes skin – I suggest that you empty your water and either let your tomatoes cool down or simply let cold water run in your pan. Once this is done you can use the same pan that you use for the mushroom to cook your tomatoes on low heat! First add the oil, the garlic and the tomatoes then cover. Let it sit. But check it often – though we want to keep the heat and the steam in.

Step 4

Check your potatoes by using a knife – if it’s easy for you to press with your knife in the potato and it comes out clean – they are ready. Remove the water and same technique than with the tomatoes we will remove the skin (the reason why we did not cook the two ingredients together is because your potatoes will most likely need more time to cook). Mash your potato with your mashing utensil or with a fork. Add a tiny bit of Olive oil to link them together or a tiny bit of plant-based milk. Set aside And turn on the oven on 180C. Your tomatoes should be about ready (about 15-20mins) – check them add salt and pepper even basil leaf if you like it. Turn off the heat add the mushrooms blend everything together in a food processor or Nutri Bullet works as well and WOHOO you’ve created your filling!

Step 5 Use your mash potatoes to make a little boat – meaning you have some depth at the center of the ball and high walls – add the fillings and close the wall on the filling. This is the hardest step, but don’t worry once you figure it out it will become easier. The key is to not put too much filling and to have a solid potato base! Makes as many ”boat” that you can with your mash potatoes put them all on an oven tray – cook in the oven for 5minutes. Serve while hot. Enjoy your masterpiece!Hey you! Well done for that!

Feel free to send us your photos on @United_Foodie on Instagram for a repost and know that you deserve a tap of the back you chief!

With love & Light,


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