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Green Pad Thai | VG

Craving some tasty Thai food? I got this super easy recipe you can use! Tips: I recommend using a wok to cook this will make your life so much easier!

Prep Time: 40mins Cooking Time: 25-30mins Serve: 4   Ingredients:

A handful of asparagus A handful of flat beans 1/4 of a broccoli 2 small zucchinis 2 handful of mushroom of your choice (optional) 150g of firm tofu 250g of rice Thai noodle (Can be found in almost every supermarket) 1 big onion 1 little spoon of Cumin in grains 1 l. s. of Cumin powder 1 l. s. of coriander powder 1 l. s. of fresh ginger A handful of citronella A handful of fresh coriander leaves 1 t. s. of soft peanut butter 2 t. s. of coconut oil 300l of coconut cream A handful of peanuts to top (optional)  


Step 1 Put the coconut oil and all spices (incl. citronella and coriander) in your wok start to heat – while the spices mix together creating a beautiful smell use this time to chop all veggies starting from onions – asparagus – flat beans – broccoli – zucchini – mushroom and tofu. Add the onion wait until it becomes see-through to add the rest of the veggies in the order it’s written above.

Step 2 Keep stirring your veggies and soak your rice noodle in hot water. Gently start to add your coconut cream – keep stirring and adding until all the coconut cream is mixed up – add the peanut butter, mix it in Add the pasta once they’re soft in the wok. Stir it all

Step 3 Serve hot! Much better. Top with crunched baked peanut and a quarter of a lemon/ half of a lime. Enjoy your homemade Green Curry Pad Thai.

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