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Easy Peasy Pasta | VG & Raw

Summer Feels – w/ this incredibly fresh and satisfying  meal

Prep time: 35 mins Cooking time: 0 Serves 4-6


2 big zucchini (4 small) 150g of cherry tomatoes 1 cashew mozzarella *sheese – optional 70g of cashew nuts 100g fresh basil leaves 3 cloves of garlic 4 t.s of organic cold-pressed olive oil a pinch of Himalayan salt pines nuts for topping – optional

Did you know? You can eat Zucchini RAW! Zucchini is a squash that has its origin in America and is available in colors including yellow, light green, and green – zucchini is rich in minerals and vitamins that include potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, fiber, vitamin C, and riboflavin. It also contains vitamin B6, A, E, and K, sodium, zinc, and iron. It has a high water content – 94 percent –  and it is also a great source of energy. Eating the zucchini raw will enable you to get even more of its fiber and therefore support healthy digestion!

Step 1 Soak your cashews in hot water for 30mins set aside. Use your spiralizer to create your ‘pasta’ from the zucchini  – set aside in a big bowl. Once done you can start to chop your *mozzarella and cherry tomatoes in little cubes add to the zucchini bowl.

Step 2 Once the cashew soaked – transfer to a blender with the garlic, the olive oil, salt, and the basil. Blend everything together and TADA you’ve created your pesto! Which will be lighter than a ‘normal’ pesto as we’ve used cashew nuts instead of pine nuts to blend. Feel free to replace the cashew with almond if that’s what you have – but soak the almond and take off their skin before blending it! (a bit more work but delicious outcome).

Hope you enjoy this simple yet super satisfying recipe! Tag us on @united_foodie (Instagram)

With love & light,


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