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Beetroot Burger Patties | Vegan & GF

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Yummy homemade burgers are always a great idea – use this recipe to invite all of your friends over for a delicous and fun dish! But beware! It requires some preparations that comes from the heart if you want this to be super enjoyed!

Prep time : +13h Cook time: 1h10 Serves 4-6

Ingredients: 1 cup of red lentil (corals) 2 cup of chickpeas 2 cooked beetroot 3 shallot 4 pieces of garlic 1 t. spoon of salt Add peper as per taste 1 c. spoon of ground coriander

You will need a food processor for this recipe and some *none-sticky paper for your tray.

Step 1 Couldn’t get easier – you simply have to soak your chickpease overnight (they will give out a sort of whitish scum…What is all that scum anyway? Anti-nutrients, that’s what! And those anti-nutrients such as phytic acid, lectins, and enzyme inhibitors are going to be in your gut causing you gas, heartburn, reflux and whatever other digestive ills beset you when you eat something that isn’t particularly digestible unless you soak your beans before cooking them. Traditional cultures took great care to prepare their legumes with a long soak before cooking to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption.) Step 2 Come back in the morning and have a look at those chickpeas – rinse and put them in a pan covered up with water to cook – this will take approx 40mins. In the meantime soak your lentil for about 25mins and then cook them – again you will have this whitish color coming out of it – that’s the whole reason why you’re doing that. So make sure to rinse your lentil once soaked and then put them to cook in new water. At this point your lentilles might only need 15-20mins cooking. While letting both beans cook in their own time. Choppe shallot, garlic and light brown them (like cook them) in a saucepane using a little bit of oil of your choice adding all of your spices salt, peper, coriander into the pan.

Step 3

At this point you should have all of your ingredients ready – moving into last step which is blending everything together (make sure that you still have more chickpeas than lentils). BLENDINNNG TIME – add all of your ingredients into your blender blend it until you get a not too smooth texture but still smooth – use this mix to create little burger dough that you’ll place on your *sticky protected tray. Put in the oven for 25-30 mins on 120 degrees. I start by cooking for approx 5 mins on hot air mode to get the ”liquide” out of the dish and then cook it on oven mode for the rest of the time.


& there’s so many ways to enjoy this : In an actual burger Just eat the pattie – with a salad – with fries – with sauted veggies.. You choose! oh and no worries about getting protein with this one

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With love and light


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